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Look out for the Great Christmas Treasure Hunt ………coming to a street near you!

As December begins there are lots of ways of counting down to Christmas. We will be reminded of the number of shopping days left, various magazines include calendars with ideas of what to do each day to make the 25th December a “stress free” celebration and now there are holiday calendars with chocolate for children, and all sort of beauty products, or luxury gifts for grown-ups. All of these have an origin in the Advent calendar which is used as a reminder of what we are actually counting down to.

Advent calendars invite us on a journey to Christmas and often they tell a story of the journeys of all the people involved in the first Christmas. Mary and Joseph took a long time to get from their home in Nazareth to Bethlehem where there was no room for them in the inn, wise men following a star (itself moving light years away!) will have set out perhaps months before they discovered the new King was not in the palace with Herod in Jerusalem and set out again for an unfamiliar suburb. Angels crossed into time from the eternity of heaven to bring the message of the Saviour’s birth. Even the shepherds had a bit of walk to find the babe in the manger. All these people set out, not quite knowing what was going to happen next, they set out wondering, hoping and questioning and trusting.

As we celebrate Christmas each year, we know what they found. They arrived at the manger, and discovered that God had come to us as one of us, so that we could get to know and love God as God knows and loves us. God’s journey to us and with us, to show us love.

And that is the life long journey that we are invited into, not just every Christmas, but every day of our lives – and like all the nativity characters we don’t know always know what is going happen next but we have plenty of our own wondering, hoping, questioning and trusting, but like them we are invited to discover Jesus, God’s love in the manger, in our own particular way.

Across Lynton, in the shops and businesses of the town, the journeying nativity characters have been placed so that we can see them in our everyday life, and with each of them will be a letter. Can you find all the letters and spell out the Christmas message they have to share with us? Come and find the message and its treasure at the URC Carol Service on 23rd December and the Crib Service at St Mary’s at 4pm on Christmas Eve.

God Bless! Samantha



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