From The Rectory

Throughout the summer St Mary’s, Lynton and St Brendan’s, Brendon have been hosting exhibitions commemorating those from this area who fought and died in World War I. The exhibitions will remain in place until November 11th and are well worth visiting if you haven’t already. The care and thoughtfulness that is evident in the gathering and assembling of the information and exhibits has, in itself, been an act of gratitude and honouring of those who suffered so that we might live as we do today and I am deeply grateful to all involved. I, like many who have moved here, or who visit, have not lived in such a tight knit community before and I find it sobering and profound to recognise the local names of those commemorated, so familiar because descendants still live here. Visiting the exhibitions is a timely reminder, in this hundredth anniversary year of the ending of World War I, of the blessing of living now – in a land where we are not suffering direct warfare.

Of course, this is not so for too many communities across our world. Our news media show us scenes of the devastation of war in countries where violence is being used as a means of settling differences and seeking power; such violence breaks out in terrorist attacks in countries not directly at war too. Using force to get your way is not confined to a national scale – as violence in streets and homes shows. Much of the political rhetoric we hear is divisive and aggressive rather than aimed at reconciliation of difference and unity of spirit. I suspect few of us can claim truly peaceful hearts ourselves. Our world is far from peaceful.

In early August in 1918, the King asked the country to pray for peace and a hundred days later the Armistice was signed. This year, the church has suggested that one way to mark anniversary of the Armistice is for us to take up again the call for a national wave of prayer for peace – praying daily, in our own way, for the peace of our world. Here we are consciously praying for peace each day in our Morning Prayer and at services on Sundays. There is a basket for peace prayers at the end of exhibition in Lynton. Can I invite you to join in this wave of prayer in your own way too?

May peace fill our hearts, our homes, our nation and our world, Amen.

God Bless,



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